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RSW Regional Jail Education Program

The Special Education program at RSW Regional jail provides educational services to inmates ages 18 through the school year of their 22 birthday.  This is a voluntary program; however once the inmate makes the commitment to attend classes they must attend all classes unless a documented excuse is provided.  The eligibility process is the same as non-incarcerated peers.  If they have a current eligibility then an updated IEP is completed.  If the eligibility has lapsed a new eligibility is established and an IEP written.


Educational services provided are as unique as the individual, as the “I” in IEP indicates.  Services could include preparation for admission to community college or taking the GED test, meeting requirements for a high school diploma, life skills, or simply improving skills already learned.  


When beginning the educational process at RSW inmates are given an assessment in reading, writing, and math to determine their current level of academic functioning.  This assessment is given through a program called AZTEC.  AZTEC is aligned with TABE, GED, and Common Core standards.  


Once the AZTEC assessment is completed it provides a report indicating the areas that are in need of improvement. Daily instruction is provided through a variety of methods.  Methods include utilizing the lessons on the AZTEC stand-alone programs, GED Academy, teacher prepared worksheets and lectures, and teacher directed internet instruction.



Our Goals

PROVIDE opportunities for inmates to enhance their education with the ultimate goal of obtaining a GED or completing their high school diploma.

IMPART specific skills in math, literacy, problem solving, and citizenship that will improve each inmate’s ability to succeed upon re-entry into the community.

FOSTER personal skills such as self-discipline, personal responsibility, critical thinking, and ownership of their work through a successful completion of their program.

EQUIP inmates with skills that will make them attractive candidates for employment upon their re-entry into the community and work force.

EMPOWER inmates with basic life skills and a sense of achievement that will form the foundations for appropriate life decisions upon their release.

Our focus is to create an academic curriculum that is recognized by the community, businesses, and industry as a rigorous educational program of merit. 


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