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Special Services - Right Turn Program

Warren County Public Schools

Right Turn Program

     The Right Turn Program has been developed as a possible alternative to long term suspension for first time offenders for drug offenses committed on school grounds.

     The purpose of the program is to give both students and parents information that can assist families with drug use issues and to monitor students for a 7 month period.

Agreements in participation

1)     This is a one time offering for a student and is for first time offenders only, who are not charged with distribution of drugs.  Legal charges for use or under the influence will be made anytime a student has drugs or is under the influence at school.  The Juvenile Courts have agreed to consider deferring these charges if the program is successfully completed.

2)     The student and parent or guardian must participate in all 4 modules and the three to six month follow-up sessions.

3)     The modules must be completed within the time frame offered.  Being absent or late to any program module will negate this agreement and the 365 day suspension will be instituted immediately. The court will also be informed of unsuccessful completion.

4)     Appropriate participation is expected during each module.  Attentiveness to the instructors and willingness to actively participate is needed by both students and parents.  If instructors feel that the student and/or parents have a hostile or overtly negative attitude towards the program, participation will be immediately terminated and this information will be sent to the Superintendent for review.  The court will also be informed of unsuccessful completion.








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