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Special Services - Non-Traditional Education

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Non-traditional education in Warren County includes a variety of approaches to teaching and learning separate from that which is offered by our traditional secondary schools.  Non-traditional options include a continuum of services that support students in the least restrictive environment.  The following is a brief description of the options available for our students.


Choices is a program embedded in the high schools that provides intensive case management, as well as a pull-out site available to students to access additional academic and counseling support. This intervention is generally accessed before a referral to the non-traditional placement committee is completed.

Diversified Minds

Located at the 15th Street Special Services site, this program blends rigorous academics, online programming, and clinical support to meet the needs of this diverse population.  Please go to this link for more information. 2019-2020 School Plans

Brighter Futures Learning Community

This program is designed to meet the needs of students exhibiting significant behavioral challenges. Located at the 15th street Special Services site, this program blends academics, counseling, high adventure activities, and a specifically designed behavior program to assist students in meeting their academic and life goals.  Please contact Jerry Cave, Administrator at Brighter Futures for more information. 2019-2020 School Plans



This virtual approach to learning utilizes “APEX”, which is an online educational program that supports students’ diverse needs.  Two staff members at the 15th Street Special Services site support a computer lab for students to access the program and receive additional academic support.  The students are also expected to access the material from home and complement the limited seat time available.  This approach allows students to participate in school at non-traditional times and work at their own pace to meet their academic goals.  APEX Learning

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